Original FingerPrint Impression Kit (putty)
  • Original FingerPrint Impression Kit (putty)

FingerPrint Impression kit


This is our no fuss no mess FingerPrint Impression Kit for our for our Original FingerPrint Jewellery Range!

So, if you would like to take your impressions before placing a jewellery order now you can!

This impression kit will enable you to take two fingerprint impresssions from one person.

Just order however many kits your would like & we'll send them to you. You can take your prints in the comfort of your own home and place an order using them later on, there is no rush.

If you think you might like to order something from the INKED Fingerprint Jewellery You just need to take your fingerprint on a piece of paper using an ink pad or better still a pencil and a bit of seilotape (yes seriously!). Just click this link to see how and this link to see Inked FingerPrint Jewellery Collection

We'll need 5 "Making Days" to handcraft this gift for you. Click here to read more.
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