Medic Alert Bracelet
  • Medic Alert Bracelet
  • Medic Alert Bracelet
  • Medic Alert Bracelet
  • Medic Alert Bracelet
  • Medic Alert Bracelet

Medic Alert Bracelet (Out of stock)


Our best-selling leather bracelet is now also available as a Medical ID Bracelet, also known as a 'Medic Alert' or 'Life Saver'.

Medical emergencies can happen at anytime and anywhere, and you may not be with people who know you. A Medic Alert bracelet can be a vital source of information for first response and paramedics if you are unable to communicate, allowing them to treat your situation quickly and effectively.

We can engrave up to 5 lines of text, allowing full details to be available to caregivers and first responders.

Please indicate new lines with //.

You will see that the writing is clear but it is also very discreet, so, as it won't be be easily read by casual on-lookers, you can have the exact wording you need. The more words you choose, the smaller the writing will be, but it will always be readable.

There is space for your name, medical conditions, food or drug allergies, and emergency contact details. The internationally recognised symbol for Medic Alerts, The Rod of Asclepius - which is associated with healing and medicine in Greek Mythology - is clearly engraved on the bracelet.

We recommend that you consult your GP to establish what they feel is important to include on the Medic Alert.

Available in Blood Red or Black.

Leather is either 2 bands of Braided Bolo Leather or 2 bands of Nappa Leather.

Can be made to any size to fit perfectly, it is not adjustable.

We'll need 5 "Making Days" to handcraft this gift for you. Click here to read more.
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