Memorial Jewellery

The Morgan and French team are dedicated to designing and creating original unique pieces of quality jewellery for families and loved ones.

It’s a constant inspiration to us that the pieces we dedicate hours to creating will become something that whoever it’s for will treasure forever.

The story behind each piece we create is what keeps our passion alive, but sentiment alone is not enough. It’s only right that you demand high standards and an item of jewellery that you’re proud to wear. This means that fingerprints, handprint or footprints, or a childs’ drawings must be faithfully recreated with as much detail as possible. Our dedication, precision and commitment to quality remain unrivalled and this is why we have lead the market in this field for 10 years.

Our new website is packed with gorgeous designs that you can personalise to tell your story – to keep loved ones close by – even when you’re apart – and to celebrate life’s special moments and milestones.

Memorial Jewellery

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